Large Dance Fans - Pericon Fans

Take your performance to the next level with one of our stunning large dance fans. Large pericon fans are traditionally used for “Sevillana” or “Flamenco” dancing as well as other regional Spanish dances. All eyes will be on you when you begin dancing and snap open your Spanish fan.

Known as pericon fans in Spain, these large fans will express emotion in a variety of performances. A few examples include: flamenco, ballet, modern dance, fusion, belly dance or opera to name a few. The use of these large dance fans will be sure to capture your audiences’ attention when on stage.

Designed with performing in mind, these large fans will give you the perfect finishing touch. We offer a wide selection of colors and styles for easy pairing with any costume. Our pericon fans are hand crafted in Spain, and conveniently shipped from our warehouse in Florida.

Large Dance Fans