Explore our selection of Spanish castanets for flamenco. Our brands include: Castañuelas del Sur, Filigrana and Jale. Flamenco dance castanets for sale for all levels, from beginner to expert. When choosing your set, they should fit comfortably in your palm. Please refer to sizing information here for more a detailed explanation.

Crafting Castanets

Each pair of castanets begin with 2 cup shaped pieces of wood or fiber. Best woods include Granadillo or Ebano. These hardwoods offer strength and durability, resulting in a superior instrument. Less expensive woods are used for beginner castanets making pricing affordable. Some professional flamenco instruments feature wood, and others fiberglass. Fiberglass castañuelas come together by applying heat and pressure to layers of wood and resin. As a result, creating superior strength.

In the past, hardwoods were used because they produced the best quality sound. Newer production techniques include using synthetic laminated materials. These methods apply heat and pressure to many layers of wood, paper, or cloth impregnated with resin. As a result, the final product is an extremely durable and resilient instrument. Spanish castañuelas have remained quite popular in Spanish culture.

Folkloric Dance

The castanet is an integral part of folkloric dances such as the Sevillanas. Most  recently, castanets have taken their place in Flamenco music and dance. Dancers play them by resting one pair in each hand with strings looped around the thumb. The fingertips rapidly strike the castanets producing the rhythmic sound. The bass unit, called “macho” or male, played in the left hand marks the beat of the music . The treble unit, called the “hembra” or female, is a higher pitch and played with a complex rhythm.

In addition, different castanets types will produce higher or lower tones depending on their weight and material. Another factor influencing tone, is the depth of the hollows (sound boxes) insides of each castanet. Therefore, less material and  lighter weight results in a different tone.

How to Play – Introduction

Flamenco Castanets