Get ready for your performance with a pair of authentic Spanish castanets. Our selection includes castanets made by respected Spanish artisans. Brands include: Castañuelas del Sur, Filigrana and Jale. We have castanets for all levels, from beginner to expert. Products are in stock and conveniently ship from our warehouse in St. Petersburg, Florida.(USA)

Each pair of castañuelas begins with 2 cup shaped pieces of wood or fiber. Preferred woods are granadillo or ebano. These hardwoods offer greater strength and durability, resulting in a superior instrument. Fabricators use less expensive woods for the beginner castanet to allow for affordable pricing. Some professional castañuelas feature wood, and others fiberglass. Fiberglass instruments come together by applying heat and pressure to layers of wood, or cloth soaked in resin. As a result, many of them have superior strength, and above all, a beautiful melodic sound.

Spanish Castanets