Manton Shawls

Our Spanish manton shawls feature elegant designs and add a touch of distinction to your ensemble. Drape shawls over shoulders for a classic look, or around hips for a modern feel. Used during flamenco, these shawls  add the perfect finishing touch to your performance.

Triangular pico shawls or medio-mantones capture the essence of Spanish culture. Embroidered varieties showcase stunning intricate designs, while others feature solid fabric trimmed in long fringe for an elegant look.

Spanish flamenco shawls made of silk or knit fabric known for their square shape. The manton is made to fold on the diagonal to create a triangle. Picos and mantones used for many varieties of Spanish dancing.

As a unique accessory, these stunning shawls add an elegant touch to your evening wear. Make your special event even more memorable by adding an authentic Spanish manton. Hand made in Spain.

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