Discover our selection of the most recognized jewelry from Toledo Spain, damasquino. Our authentic damascene pieces feature quality steel inlaid with 24 karat gold or sterling silver. Some items etched in Renaissance patterns depict birds and flowers, while others feature geometric Arabesque designs.

The damascene process begins with metal objects, generally steel. Artists etch a design into the metal surface with a sharp tool. Next, hammering gold or silver foil into the cuts. Finally, adding a liquid solution creates oxidation, resulting in the black background. These age old techniques result in a dramatic art form. Most notably, this craft has remained unchanged over the centuries. In conclusion, techniques of creating damascene pass from one generation to the next.

Among the damascene objects we offer are necklaces, bracelets, earrings, plates and other lovely keepsakes. Toledo is most famous for damasquino swords seen throughout the city. Toledo Spain is the world’s largest center of damasquinado.

This elegant art form adds an elegant vintage touch to your wardrobe or home. Buy our authentic damascene jewelry with confidence.

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