One of the most recognized art forms in Toledo, Spain is damascene or damasquino (Spanish). Artisans trained in damasquino begin with non precious metal objects. First, they etch the surface of the metal item with a sharp tool. Hammering gold or silver foil into the cuts creates the desired pattern. Next, a special solution creates oxidation, resulting in a black background. Using these age old techniques, the finished objects have a timeless dramatic look. Most notably, this craft has remained unchanged over the centuries.

Spanish damascene pieces usually depict Renaissance motifs of birds and flowers or Arabesque geometric designs.

Some popular damasquino items include jewelry, plates and boxes as well as  many other beautiful keepsakes. However, Toledo is most famous for damasquino swords seen abundantly throughout the city. Toledo, Spain is the world’s largest center of damascene production.

Showcasing an elegant vintage flair, damasquino art will add the perfect finishing touch to your wardrobe or home.

Spanish Damascene